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As a church school our values of ‘ love, adventure and grow’ underpin every aspect of school life at Holy Trinity.  

Through the teachings of Jesus, children are taught what it means to love. Through this, our pupils develop a respect for all of God’s children.
Our ambitious expectations and challenging curriculum stretch children’s knowledge and understanding of the world.

We provide children with opportunities that help them to grow to be the best version of themselves - pushing children to work past their own comfortability limits in order to reach their full potential.

Our Adventure Curriculum

What is ‘The Adventure Curriculum’?

Adventure lasts generally for 4 weeks (with additional weeks for Science and RE). The children will be immersed in a theme and will study this area using many parts of the curriculum. It is designed so that children are immersed through experiential opportunities both at the beginning and end of each Adventure to grow excitement and motivation. All learning for each Adventure is contained within one book (with the exception of Mathematics and Comprehension Ninja); including their daily English, linked Reading activities and many other aspects of the curriculum.

How does it actually work?

The Adventure Curriculum is based on over 10 years of research, is bespoke to our school and tailored by Senior Leaders at Holy Trinity to meet the needs of our children. The National Curriculum has been carefully and deliberately placed into each Adventure to ensure that ALL curriculum points of study for ALL subject areas are covered repeatedly across the Key Stage and Phases.

This provides children with the opportunity to not only learn once, but to practise essential skills needed to move onto the next stage of the curriculum. 

Detailed Overviews for each Adventure have been carefully planned so that teachers are guided as to coverage and progression.

Why do children love it?

Learning makes more sense when children are provided with genuine links to other subject areas. Whilst they may learn about the Reformation of the Church during Henry VIII, they also need to use their geographical skills to identify the European countries that this caused further conflict with. They can also use their writing skills to write to Henry VIII as one of his wives. 

Through the recognised meta studies of ‘Cognitive Science’, children at Holy Trinity do actually remember more and are able to do more as a result of the learning experiences here.

Why do our educators love it?

Educators are given clear guidance via ‘Detailed Overviews’ which provides them with security in the coverage and progression of the National Curriculum. Whilst lesson suggestions have been made, they are provided with earned autonomy to provide children with enriching and life-lasting experiences that bring our Adventure to life. By children holding all their learning in one Adventure per book, children find pride in their Adventures which in turn gives pride to our educators. As a result of our Adventures and expert cognitive challenge, all children are able to make at least good progress from their starting points. 

By immersing into one area of learning, they are able to delve deeper into a theme - therefore creating deeper learning platforms for children.

How do we manage to go deeper into subjects than other curriculum models?

Children are immersed into an area of study over a crystalised period of time. Thus allows them to save time going over learning that they did in a previous week and use learning and build upon it in another subject area. Linking the learning with genuine, deliberate connections allows children to delve further into learning.

How does this prepare children for education outside of Holy Trinity?

The Holy Trinity curriculum prepares our children for education past the primary school level by providing a broader context for their learning. It prepares them thoroughly for the analytical thinking required in secondary education. Our children are encouraged to make links in all elements of their learning to allow them to build their own values. Children are provided with opportunities to develop their individuality, supporting their holistic development. 


Subject Information


Commando Joe's - Character Education

To view our Character Education Policy, please visit our policies page (click here)

At Holy Trinity, we use the Commando Joe's programme alongside our adventures to build resilience, inspire and motivate children. 

Commando Joe's founding ethos is 'no child left behind'. The sessions that teachers deliver aim to improve educational outcomes for pupils.



Early Years R.E.S.P.E.C.T - Characters




 Trips and Visitors

Trips play an important part in our adventure curriculum.  They have long provided children with additional learning opportunities and experiences outside of the standard educational environment. Children of all ages are exposed to a variety of cultural and social institutions that enhance various aspects of their development, involve them in their community and cultivate their understanding of new ideas.
Shree Ram Mandir

Year 4 went on an Educational Visit to Shree Ram Mandir on Friday 7th February 2020 as part of their R.E Curriculum.  The children had the opportunity to add depth to their learning, provide a memorable experience and allow them to gain a broader understanding of Hinduism.


Year 5 and 6 had an amazing trip to London on Thursday 23rd January 2020. Traffic was dreadful so we had to shorten our visit to the British Museum but the Houses of Parliament really made up for it. We had tours of both the Houses of Lords and Commons and we then had our own Parliamentary debate where ES was the 'Speaker'. PB proposed the Bill that the Queen should pay for her own security and everyone had a chance to put forward their opinion. Then our local MP, Wendy Morton, came and spoke to us. She answered everyone's questions about her experiences as an MP. After that we had our photos taken outside Westminster Abbey's main door (where William and Kate entered on their wedding day) and then walked over Westminster Bridge to The London Eye. As it was dark, London looked amazing as it was all lit up. We spotted a lot of very famous landmarks such as Buckingham Palace, The Shard and The Houses of Parliament. It was travelling so slowly that we couldn't even feel the movement. It was a brilliant day and the children were really amazing.

Aldridge Fire Station

Year 4 were visited by local firemen from Aldridge to give us a safety talk all about fire. We have learnt some very valuable skills regarding how to evacuate a building safely, what to do in an emergency and how we can get some free smoke alarms to replace our old ones. If you wish to replace or get some smoke alarms for your house, they are free! All you need to do is call 08003895525 and Aldridge fire crew will come and fit them for you.