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Behaviour - Restorative Practice

At Holy Trinity we recognise that the values we promote within the school play an important part in the spiritual, moral and social development of the children for whom we hold a responsibility. Our values of; Love, Adventure and Grow, support us in caring, respecting and understanding oneself and others. As well as caring and respecting the property and the environment in which we learn. Whilst values are sometimes explicitly expressed, they are more often implicit in the ways we behave ourselves and in the ways we expect others around us to behave. For this reason it is important to provide clear guidelines for a consistent and coherent approach to behaviour and discipline within the school.

The Holy Trinity behaviour strategy is aimed at improving educational outcomes for all pupils, by promoting and supporting their engagement in education, whilst also supporting and recognising their emotional needs. We aim to develop a more positive focus on improving children’s engagement, motivation and well-being.

We believe that good mental health and well-being affects all thinking and behaviour as well as impacting on learning and performance. We aim to provide positive everyday experiences so that our children are confident, happy and secure, with a strong sense of belonging, and so more likely to reach their full potential.


Our relationships and behaviour policy is based on a restorative approach, understanding that all behaviours have a reason/cause, and working with children to help them understand this. We teach our children that emotions are completely natural and work on separation emotions and actions. For example, feeling angry is completely normal, but physically hurting somebody because you're angry is not acceptable.

All member of staff have received emotional coaching training so that they are best equipment to support pupils in school.

Our Relationships and Behaviour Policy can be viewed on our policy page - click here

Walsall Virtual Schools Attachment Aware & Trauma Informed Schools

Metallic 'Silver Award' Sticker 43mm - School Merit Stickers

We have recently obtained the Bronze award for 'Walsall Virtual Schools Attachment Aware & Trauma Informed Schools'. We are now working on achieving silver status.


The programme allows us to;

  • Improve the conditions for looked after children and vulnerable learners in schools and settings
  • Raise awareness of the issues and needs around attachment and trauma
  • Consolidate working relations between the Virtual School and all Walsall schools
  • Catalyse a new community of outstanding practice amongst schools
  • Encourage pedagogical development – trialling new ways of working led by the Virtual School