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Christian Aid - Global Neighbours

We are so proud that we achieved the Bronze Global Neighbours Award. We agree with Christian Aid that ‘schools provide a much-needed safe space in which children can begin to make sense of the world they are encountering’ and that social global citizenship and courageous advocacy:

Broadens the horizons of the mind

Provides real-life contexts for learning and opportunities for pupils to explore topical issues

Cultivates the essential skills and values (from empathy to self-awareness and respect for all people) that prepare pupils for living well with their fellow human beings

Contributes to improved outcomes across the curriculum and in pupils’ personal development, through enhanced skills in critical and creative thinking, reasoning and communication.

We all believe in the important work we do promoting social action as a key fundamental value of our school as it ‘draws on Christian perspectives that contribute to the development of pupils (and staff) as ‘dreamers’, able to employ new energies to change our society, grounded in honesty, hope and love’.

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Christian Aid - Global Neighours

School leadership 


  • Ensure that the school vision, aims and development plan reflect a commitment to global citizenship/courageous advocacy and treating all people with dignity and respect
  • Create, and commit to implementing, an action plan to extend engagement with global citizenship/courageous advocacy across the life of the school. 


Teaching and Learning 

Pupils have age-appropriate opportunities to begin: 

  • Exploring similarities and differences between their lives and the lives of people in various communities around the world
  • Identifying some ways in which their lives are connected with the lives of people in places across the globe
  • Exploring ‘big questions’ about suffering, inequality and justice
  • Discussing concepts and issues of injustice and disadvantage, and exploitation of the natural world
  • Encountering relevant voices and stories that aid understanding of poverty and injustice
  • Identifying some key Christian teachings which inspire Christians to tackle poverty and injustice and exploitation of the natural world.

Collective Worship and Spiritual Development

All pupils have age-appropriate opportunities to: 

  • reflect on issues of global poverty and injustice and exploitation of the natural world on a few occasions during the academic year
  • reflect upon their own behaviour, values and attitudes surrounding issues of injustice and exploitation of the natural world
  • learn the importance of considering, valuing and treating all people with dignity and respect.


Pupil Participation in Active Global Citizenship  

Pupils have age-appropriate opportunities to: 

  • participate in an activity that involves taking informed action, having learned about the issue being addressed and considered various ways of responding. 

Community Engagement  

Pupils have age-appropriate opportunities to: 

  • share their learning and action in global citizenship with the wider school community, including parents/carers.