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Pupil Voice Survey

In 2016, children were asked a variety of questions about their learning.  A summary is shown below.

  1. I know what I should be able to do by the end of the lesson. 93.6% Agree
  2. I usually understand why I am doing the work and how it is helping my learning. 89% Agree
  3. My teacher asks me questions that have straightforward answers and ones that make me stop and think. 93.6% Agree
  4. I am given time to think about my answer. 96.8% Agree
  5. I sometimes have to explain how I get my answer. 96% Agree
  6. I can ask another pupil for help with the task or question. 90% Agree
  7. The teacher knows how well I am doing and tells me what they think. 93% Agree
  8. I understand what the marks and comments mean in my work. 94% Agree
  9. I am given enough time to correct/improve my work. 94% Agree
  10. I understand how to mark my own work. 99% Agree
  11. I listen to/read the teacher's advice and try to follow it. 98% Agree
  12. I am challenged further through my homework. 85%  Agree


You can download the full survey by clicking on the link below.

 Pupil Questionnaire 2016